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Frequently Asked Questions

For Home Tution Give call To +91 8765596415

What are the services offered at Newtons?

*Home Tuition
*Private Tutor in Gorakhpur
*Online Tutor
*Computer Classes
*Educational Consultant services
*Teaching Job Consultant in Gorakhpur

Where is Newtons home tuition office?

Newtons is located at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year.

How do I book a tuition through Newtons?

We provide 3 option simply

01. Call us +91 8765596415
02. Whatsapp To +91 8765596415
03. Just visit www.newtonsclasses.com and manage your booking within a min.

How can I find the best deal available with Newtons?

We love to surprise you with exciting discounts and offers. Check out the best deals available at www.newtonsclasses.com from time to time.

Will I get the address and ID proof of the Teacher?

Yes, we provide all the relevant documents related to teacher education and address proofs.

Can I take one or more demos?

Newton offers you the opportunity to choose your best teachers. This is possible if you want a demo class from more than one tutor.

Will I have to pay for Demo?

1 free class for beginners, if you want to take more classes then you must pay for another class.

Will I receive a refund if I don’t continue after the demo and payment of fees?

Yes, Newton’s will refund your payment on a pro-rata basis.

If I decide to work with one teacher but later discover that I don't like him/her, can I change teachers?

Yes, in two days Newtons will be replacing teachers.

Should I pay a fee directly to the teacher?

Newtons will not be responsible if you pay directly to the teacher.

Will I receive an invoice and a receipt of payment?

Yes, Newtons provides our client with invoices every month.

If a teacher discontinues after some time, can I get a refund or be given a replacement?

Yes, Newtons will replace the teacher within 2 days.

Can I pay after completion of month?

Yes, It will be possible.

How can I pay the fee?

01. Through Paytm on +91 8765596415
02. Payment gateway
03. Cash

Should I trust a stranger with my child?

Yes, all of our teachers have been verified by us. But Newton recommended that all parents take the class at present of themselves.

What are the means of communication?

01. Email
02. Phone
03. Whatsapp
04. Instagram
05. Facebook

What is the address of Newtons Classes?

Newtons Address is –
Lala Bazar, Pipraich Road Padri Bazar Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh – 273014