Terms & Conditons

Term & Conditon

The Terms & Conditions are very important. It is very important to read them before enrolling in the registration form.

  1. Newtons Classes help you find well-experienced and professional teachers who can help you with your study.
  2. The fees for teachers may vary depending on their experience, education, and qualifications.
  3. We do not charge for our demo class or registration.
  4. Please do not pay the teacher in advance. Newtons Classes will not be responsible for any fees/payments without proper receipt.
  5. Please do not communicate with the teachers directly or indirectly. We do not provide any kind of guarantee, safety, security, or fee refund in such cases.
  6. Newtons Classes will require identification and proof of your background check from teachers who have registered with us, as well as their own identification. This is for your safety and security.
  7. Please be available at home when your child is taught by the teacher.
  8. As a home tutor, you will treat your students with respect and dignity. In addition, you will create an environment conducive to a one-on-one study by keeping the following things in mind.
  9. Newtons Classes reserve the right to charge a fee for the first week of class.
  10. You may pay the fees online or by calling our executive at your home or to the teacher.
  11. Please take this invoice and the receipt for every payment.
  12. Be aware of our refund policy. If a tutor fails to deliver all or part of their services, we will find a replacement tutor for you within 15 working days and issue a refund on a pro-rata basis.