Indradev Yadav

Rs2500 Month
I provide both online tutoring and home tuition to students in my city. Reviews from students are the best way to attract potential customers.

I’m a tutor who has worked with Newton’s Classes, and now I offer private tutoring. In my experience, the best way to grow business is to keep getting positive reviews from students.

I am available for tutoring sessions in your home. I teach a number of subjects, including Computer Science, Maths, Physics. Tutoring students through Newtons Classes has given me experience with a large variety of ages and skill levels, so I feel confident that I can help your child improve in any subject.

Thanks to positive reviews from my students, I can now offer home and online tutoring services in my area. I provide online tutoring and home tuition, and I look forward to serving you too!

July 2022
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